Santiago Barbieri

PhD candidate in mathematics

Université Paris Saclay - Università degli Studi Roma Tre

Of feudal sway, the bright blue river passed
Along the margin of our terrace walk;
A tempting playmate whom we dearly loved.
Oh, many a time have I, a five years' child,
In a small mill-race severed from his stream,
Made one long bathing of a summer's day;
Basked in the sun, and plunged and basked again
Alternate, all a summer's day, or scoured
The sandy fields, leaping through flowery groves
Of yellow ragwort; or when rock and hill,
The woods, and distant Skiddaw's lofty height,
Were bronzed with deepest radiance, stood alone
Beneath the sky, as if I had been born
On Indian plains, and from my mother's hut
Had run abroad in wantonness, to sport
A naked savage, in the thunder shower.


Wordsworth, The Prelude

Personal data

Born in Firenze, Italy, on March 8th 1991


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Spoken languages: Italian, English, French, Brazilian Portuguese





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